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We'll handle the details

As an event organizer, you have enough to worry about. Leave your travel and hotel accommodations planning to us. We not only make things easier for you, we help you grow as well.

Streamline Lodging

for your event participants

Our online booking tool makes it easy to create and manage event accommodations. Whether its one room or dozens, your event participants will enjoy booking their stay through T3 Travel.

Provide Discounted Rates

for all your travelers

We work hard to provide the best possible rates to you and your event participants. As a partner, throughout the process we keep you informed on what rates are being offered in your event market.


Our detailed reports give you a thorough understanding of the impact your event has on its local market. We provide at-a-glance information, real-time tracking and a level of detail that will help you plan for the future.

  • 24/7 access to real-time data
  • Access to booking totals by team or group
  • Specifics on hotel type, check-in dates and more

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